Kaigai Shinwa [New Stories from Overseas] (5 Volumes)

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    26cm x 18cm. 38, 54, 54, 54, 44 pages, 5 volumes, 16 double page illustrations (2 hand coloured, 2 maps), 2 single page illustrations. Stab binding. Text is in Japanese.

    Reporting on the First Opium War and the hostilities between China and Britain that had largely been kept from the Japanese public by the Tokugawa shogunate. Japanese scholars had limited knowledge of foreign events and most of the information for this work comes from Chinese sources, with plenty of added fancy to fill in any gaps. The work is as much an epic war novel as it is contemporary reporting or accurate history (partially from Mineta’s flare and also from the misleading Chinese reports he relied on), still Mineta was jailed for the effort. The artist, the identity of which remains unknown, is said to have also been arrested and died in prison. Includes 2 double page maps, China and a world map. The world map indicating land under English control (including south-eastern Australia). The handcoloured illustrations are of a British steamship and a great warship. The other illustrations largely depicting battle scenes, also the burning of opium, and English military men, one further illustration of a supernatural monster is added for good measure. Complete in 5 volumes, a sequel [Gleanings], Kaigai Shinwa Shui, was also published. A rare Japanese account of 19th century world events.

    Moderate rubbing to the title labels on the upper panel, minor soiling and wear to rest of covers, moderate to volume 1. The interiors largely clean, showing only minor signs of use. Very Good Condition.

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