Lesbian & Feminism: Synonyms or Contradictions?

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    33cm x 20.5cm. [i], 9 pages. Corner stapled foolscap leaves.

    English Women’s Bookstore printing of the keynote speech of radical feminist Robin Morgan (1941-) at the 1973 West Coast Lesbian Conference, the largest lesbian gathering to date, with an introductory page and the speech typed and duplicated on 9 foolscap pages. “About 1,500 Lesbians got together in Los Angeles on April 13-15 for a conference which promised joyful meetings and good discussions. What in fact arose was a conflict between the desires of women who came to meet and discuss politics, and the structure of the conference which allowed only short workshops and resolution-making assemblies. Both the conference structure and the position paper in the registration packet reflected unmistakably the politics of the Socialist Workers Party” (from introduction). A defining moment of the conference was the conflict surrounding one of the the opening night cultural entertainment performers, trans lesbian folk singer Beth Elliott, previously vice-president of the San Francisco chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis, who was opposed by lesbian-separatist group The Gutter Dykes, resulting in a vote on ejecting Elliott from the conference because of her trans status. Elliott stayed on and performed, and despite reports that a majority voted for allowing her to stay (contrary to what the introduction to this printing implies), left the conference shortly after. Morgan amended her speech to address the controversy, critical of Elliott and the conference organisers. OCLC records 5 holdings of 4 different editions, none verifiably of this Sisterhood Books printing.

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